This page shows what we are planning for the future, breedings that have taken place,or breedings that are planned and have not taken place, normally breedings are posted as they are confirmed. Here at the pen we only have a few or less litters per year, as breedings are done based on us being ready to add to our program and most of our first picks will be reserved prior to breedings. If nothing is listed just shoot us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to go over future plans with you. All breedings here at the pen are done in an effort to improve the OEB. Most of our breeding stock is or has been hand raised by us from a pup so that we can monitor all stages of the pups growth into an adult meanwhile observing health, capabilities, faults, assets and limitations. Each pairing is done to compliment each other to the fullest. Any dog who does not meet health or tempermant requirements here at the pen will not be used in our breeding program. We do not breed for color, trends, or fads, we look at the whole package, and under the surface is the most important, color is just a bonus. We breed for stable tempermants and health first and foremost. If you see a breeding that you would like more information on please feel free to contact us. 

Please feel free to contact us regarding future breedings.